Women's "Cheese Curd" Vintage Tee

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$ 25.00

Five Signs Cheese Curds Are Your Spirit Animal:

  1. You‘re impossibly irritated anytime you find yourself defending cheese curds’ awesomeness. (I mean, of course they're amazing. Gah!)
  2. When you don’t see them listed under a restaurant’s appetizer menu, you ponder the moral ethics of said restaurant.
  3. You firmly believe there’s never a bad time to consume curds: they belong on top of burgers, in gravy and fries and if Starbucks was smart, there’d be a cheese curd spiced latte.
  4. You find yourself in deep thought over one reoccurring fundamental question: fried or fresh?
  5. You own this super sweet vintage tee.


4.3-ounce, 50/50 ring spun combed cotton/poly

Fitted. Runs small